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Department of Management and Accountancy  

The Asheville Sales Marketing Executives Association Scholarship

Why this scholarship was established

 The Asheville Sales Marketing Executives Association Scholarship was established in February 1997 under the direction of Mr. E. L. Bradley, Sr., President of Asheville Sales Marketing Executives Association), for the explicit purpose of supporting a UNC Asheville student majoring in Management and concentrating in Marketing. The Association further specified that the candidate meet all the Western North Carolina Leadership Scholarship qualifications.

Criteria for award

Applications are submitted to the Department of Management and Accountancy prior to February of the preceding academic year. Selection is based upon the following criteria:

  • Declare major in Management with a concentration in Marketing
  • Demonstrate academic merit
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership potential
  • Selection Process

A department selection committee will recommend a candidate for the award to the full department faculty. The department chair will make the final decision on awarding the scholarship.

Award Announcement

The award will be announced during the Department of Management and Accountancy Annual Awards gathering prior to the end of the Spring Semester.

Previous Recipients

2009 Award Recipient

Benjamin Cole Buchanan, 2009 Award Recipient


  • Larry Randolph Elliott
  • Amanda Marie Gresham
  • John Raymond Martinez


  • Jana Maxcy


  • Justin Ryan Wilkins


  • Heidi Elizabeth DuBose


  • Anthony Clay Cantinella


  • Melissa Dara Wilson


  • Josette Margarita Expura
  • Brooke Suzanne Morrison


  • Jonathan Woodlee


  • Danny Joe Davis
  • Laura Michelle Thuotte


  • Daniel McEntee


  • Christopher Brown
  • Kimberly Sparks


  • Christopher Brown

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