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Department of Management and Accountancy  


Internship Information, Dates and Deadlines 

Upcoming Internship Information Sessions:

Thursday, January 30, 4:00 (Owen 229)

Friday, February 21, 3:00 (Location:  Owen 229)

Tuesday, February 25, 2:00 (Location:  New Hall 111)

Monday, March 3, 3:30 (Location:  Owen 229)

Monday, March 17, 4:00 (Location: Owen 229)

If you are planning to do a Summer or Fall 2014 internship and have not attended an information session in the past, plan to attend an information session this Spring.  If you are thinking about an internship at any time in the future, you are also welcome to attend any of these sessions. 


For Summer internships:

Wednesday, March 19


Special Note about the summer 2014 section of MGMT 489  

If you are doing your internship in the summer, you should enroll in the summer section of MGMT489.  If you submit your proposal after the "late" deadline (March 24) you will be REQUIRED to enroll in the summer section of MGMT 489.  

Even if you are doing your internship in a city outside the Asheville, you CAN and should register for MGMT 489 in summer 2014.


For Fall internships:

Friday, March 28, 2014

NOTE:  Fall internship:  Since the Fall semester is many months away, you may not be able to make the above deadline. If circumstances won't allow you to submit your proposal by March 28th, you must submit a DRAFT proposal to the Internship Coordinator to explain the situation.  This will allow the Department to save a seat for you in MGMT 489.


Special Note about the Summer 2014 section of MGMT 489:

The MGMT 489 course will be offered this summer 2014 if the enrollment is at least 12 students.  If you are doing your internship in the summer, you should enroll in the summer (Term I) section of MGMT 489. Even if you are doing your summer internship in a city outside the Asheville are, you can and should register for the MGMT 489 course this summer 2014. If you submit your proposal after the "late" deadline (Monday, March 25), you WILL be REQUIRED to enroll in the summer section of MGMT 489.


An internship must produce a product.  What does this mean?

Rather than simply carrying out a task for your host, your internship must involve a large degree of your creativity to plan, design and execute a project.  The project must have a beginning and an end-- the end must result in a deliverable.  This deliverable is a tangible product that you, your internship host and the Department of Management & Accountancy can clearly identify, describe, and evaluate.  This deliverable must make a significant contribution to the organization.


The Mgmt 489 requirement

You will not be permitted to enroll in MGMT 489 until you have an internship proposal that has been approved by the Internship Coordinator, your Internship Advisor and the host at your internship site.  The proposal approval process can take a month or more, so plan ahead.

This course is taken during the semester you complete the internship fieldwork.  If this is not possible, you will need to complete additional reports during the fieldwork for your internship-- see the Internship Coordinator for more information about your additional assignments.

Grading for MGMT 489:

Journal (25%).  Entries must be dated and uploaded to your Mahara internship page while you are working on your internship fieldwork.  These entries cannot begin until your internship proposal has been approved by the department. 

Class meetings, class discussions, oral reports, and other class requirements (25%).  

Paper drafts and final report (30%).

Final presentation (10%).

Evaluation from internship host (10%).


What steps do I take to propose and complete my internship?

Step 1:  Attend an internship information meeting

Dates and times appear above.


Step 2:  Find an internship

Many internship possibilities can be found on the UNC Asheville Career Center website through Rocky Link.

If you have an interest in a specific industry, you should first check the Career Center site (see above).  If you can't find anything of interest, you may then wish to talk with the Internship Coordinator (see below) or utilize your own contacts to discuss potential internships and arrange for an internship host.

PLEASE NOTE:  Applying for an internship is similar to applying for a job.  Therefore, plan on applying at least one month before the proposal deadline because you will need ample time to:

  • contact the internship host via phone
  • send a resume to the internship host
  • schedule an interview 


Step 3:  Complete the "Checklist for Internships" document

The rationale for this step can be found here:  Unpaid internship criteria (U.S. Department of Labor)

If you locate an internship through the UNC Asheville Career Center, you do not need to complete this step.  This is because these internships have already been approved through the checklist.

However, if you find your own internship, your prospective internship host must complete and sign this form.  The completed and signed form must then be delivered to the Internship Coordinator so it can be filed with your proposal in the Management & Accountancy Department.


Step 4:  These two tasks can be done at the same time-- as you are drafting your proposal, you are also seeking the advice of a potential Internship Advisor

4a.  Write your proposal

** Your proposal must have a professional appearance-- if it does not, it will not receive final approval from the faculty.  It must be no longer than one page and formatted exactly as shown in the example below with the following specifications:

  • Times New Roman font
  • Body in font size 11

Example proposal here.

******Note:  It can often take a month or two of iterations to get the final version of your internship proposal approved.  So plan ahead and start early on the proposal process!  If you are late submitting your proposal, the faculty cannot guarantee that your proposal can be accepted in time for you to start it during the semester you are planning.

** For more information on writing and submitting your proposal, attend one of the Internship Information Sessions-- see dates above.

4b.  Find a faculty member who is willing to serve as your Internship Advisor 

NOTE:  This step is waved for students enrolling in the summer 2014 section of MGMT 489.

You will ask a faculty member to serve as your Internship Advisor.  This is the faculty member you will request, but in order to spread the advisor duties among all the faculty, you may be assigned a different Internship Advisor.  However, if you can't get your first choice, every effort will be made to match you with the faculty member who will be able to offer you the best advice for your type of project.


Step 5:  Submit your proposal to the Internship Coordinator

a)  Email the proposal to the Internship Coordinator at without any signatures (note that the email address is mgmt followed by the word internship with no space in between).  The Internship Coordinator will work to get your proposal approved by the department. The document must be free of grammar and spelling errors before it will be submitted to the department for approval.  During the approval process, you are likely to be required to do one or more rewrites-- look for updates on your proposal that will be sent to you from

b)  Once your proposal is accepted by the department (step 'a' above), the following four steps must then be completed:

I)  The Internship Coordinator will print and sign the proposal and notify you to pick up the printed copy.

II)  You will pick up the proposal and get the other three signatures on your proposal-- the host, adviser and you (the intern).  

III)  Once you have all four signatures, return the proposal to the the Internship Coordinator.  The "date of final approval" will be recorded on the proposal by the Internship Coordinator.  

IV)  After all signatures are acquired and the "date of final approval" is recorded, the Internship Coordinator will scan a copy of your proposal with all the signatures and email the file to you.  This file must be uploaded to your Mahara page.  (If you do not know how to use Mahara software, see the list of training sessions below.)

***Note:  You must have a signed internship proposal before you do your internship work.


Step 6:  These two tasks can be done at the same time.  Or, you may complete your internship and then you must take the MGMT 489 course in the following semester.

6a.  Enroll in the Mgmt 489 course

Once you have a complete proposal with all the signatures, the Internship Coordinator will ask the Mgmt 489 instructor to open the course for you.  Once you receive a confirmation email from the instructor, you should register for the course within the time period specified in this email.

6b.  Complete your internship

* Before you begin your internship:  

Develop a timeline for your internship and discuss it with your Internship Advisor

*  While you are doing your internship:

Keep in weekly contact with your Internship Advisor

Keep a journal with details of what you are doing and what you are learning during the internship (these will be vital components for developing the final report for your project in MGMT 489).  Beginning with summer 2014 internships, students will be required to upload their weekly journal reports to a Mahara account.  

If you do not know how to use Mahara software:

Mahara Training Sessions will be held for students planning a summer 2014 or fall 2014 internship in the Kimmel Lab in the library (behind the reference desk).  Students may attend on either date:

Friday, March 28, 1:00 until 2:30


Thursday, April 10, 12:30 until 2:00


Wednesday, June 4, 9:30 until 11:00

 Note:  These are not drop-in sessions-- To understand everything you need to know, be sure to arrive at the start time. 


Step 7:  Develop the documentation for your internship and do the final presentation

You will develop this documentation during the Mgmt 489 course.

You will present your project towards the end of the Mgmt 489 course.


Internship Program Coordinator:





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