AACSB International Accreditation

AACSB is the most recognized, rigorous, and prestigious international distinction afforded to programs in management and accountancy. UNC Asheville is consistently praised by AACSB for our liberal arts mission, characterized by a unique interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate education, and commitment to lifelong learning. As of 2019, UNC Asheville is one of just 810 colleges and universities across 53 countries and territories to earn and maintain this prestigious accreditation. Less than one-third of management programs in the U.S. earn this recognition, while only 5% of the 16,000 business programs worldwide are accredited by AACSB. Our accreditation was reaffirmed in April 2019. Our next review will be in Februrary 2024. Contact Dr. Jeff Shields for any inquiries regarding accreditation.

Strategic Plan

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This plan identifies strategies in five key priority areas that are the focus of the five-year period. Specific strategic action steps serve as measurable objectives that help us assess our progress toward each of the five following strategic priorities:

  1. Curriculum enhancement and continuous review
  2. Department and curricula assessment
  3. Faculty scholarly impact and engaged service to the community
  4. Strategic partnerships in the community
  5. Student scholarship and achievement

These priority areas are not distinct or mutually exclusive, but rather are interrelated. In this sense, strategies are often developed and measured in ways that possibly address more than one area. This plan contains objectives that are closely aligned with University and UNC system goals. We have recognized that while our priorities and strategic initiatives reflect the ideals of the University, we should continue to seek and identify new opportunities in the areas of diversity and inclusion, ethics and social responsibility, faculty recruitment and retention, globalization, stakeholder engagement and student impact. These efforts will help us build and maintain the outstanding local and national reputation we have earned for our programs in Management and Accountancy.

Policy on Faculty Qualifications & Engagement

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AACSB Standard 15 requires accredited programs of study to “maintain and strategically deploy participating and supporting faculty who collectively and individually demonstrate significant academic and professional engagement that sustains the intellectual capital necessary to support high- quality outcomes consistent with the school’s mission and strategies” (AACSB, 2013, p. 38). This standard provides guidance on policy development regarding the four new categories of faculty qualifications, including Scholarly Academic (SA), Practice Academic (PA), Scholarly Practitioner (SP), and Instructional Practitioner (IP). Accredited programs must document percentages of faculty resources per category and ensure guidelines are established, maintained, and periodically reviewed that help sustain academic and professional engagement accordingly for each category. This document provides guidelines for granting and maintaining status in the four categories in The University of North Carolina Asheville’s Department of Management and Accountancy.

Accreditated by AACSB