About the Advisory Board

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History and Purpose

In 1998, the Department of Management and Accountancy developed the Advisory Board to provide valuable input on issues of strategic importance to our programs of study. In 2016, the structure and composition was altered to ensure greater diversity among the stakeholders. It now includes representation from a variety of demographic backgrounds and industries/sectors. The purpose of the board is to assist the Department, including its students and faculty in achieving its goals of innovation, engagement, and impact with our key stakeholders, including but not limited to employers, alumni, students, members of the North Carolina community, and the general public. This is a revolving board with three-year term limits, renewable for an additional three-year period. The Department Chairperson and AACSB Business Unit Head at UNC Asheville chairs the Advisory Board. A staff member from the University Advancement team is an as Ex-Officio member.

Members, along with department faculty, meet on a biannual basis to discuss program quality and development, including topics such as outcomes assessment and accreditation efforts, curriculum design and programming, extra- and co-curricular activities, admissions standards, and resource needs. More specifically, the board will:

  • Provide advice to the Chair and the Department on strategic issues that impact the future of our Department, curricula and programs.
  • Provide awareness of the nature of Departmental impacts on stakeholders and how to enhance positive impact most effectively and efficiently.
  • Identify opportunities and connections for faculty to develop their research, teaching and community service.
  • Increase the impact of faculty in the local community.
  • Provide contacts and opportunities for students to intern, conduct research, and gain employment.
  • Promote the Department in the local community and advocate its mission.
  • Assist in fundraising efforts.

Curriculum Subcommittee

This subcommittee is charged with reviewing the MGMT and ACCT curriculum with the intention of examining areas for further innovation and improvement in skill and knowledge acquisition. Committee members will consider graduate school and employer needs in the context of our department and university missions. Assessment data and other evidence of learning may be used to reflect on curricula aspects we may wish to explore changing or affirming in some way.

• Jeff Willmott (Chair)
• Erika Covey (2018-19)
• Bill Smith-DHG
• Taylor Bell
• Ellen Carr
• Murphy Funkhouser Capps
• Jeff McKeehan
• Deena Burris (Faculty)
• Susan Clark Muntean (Faculty)
• Carol Hughes (Faculty)
• Bill Koprowski (Faculty)
• Patrick Hester (Faculty)
• Amanda Werts (AACSB Staff/Faculty)

Mentoring Program Subcommittee

This subcommittee proposed, developed, and implemented a mentoring program for undergraduate majors in management and accounting. Current Advisory Board members and those in the community (OLLI, Chamber, Non-Profits, Industrial Associations, City/County, etc.) may be recruited as mentors.

• Bill Schulz (Chair)
• Meg Ragland
• Judy Willis
• Laura McCann-Ramsey
• George Morosani
• Shon Norris
• Richard Turpen (Faculty)
• Dennis Cole (Faculty)