WCI. Inc. Award for an Outstanding Internship

Awarded to the student or students who demonste exemplary performance on an internship project. When the Management and Accountancy Department was in its early years, WCI Inc. sponsored an Award for the outstanding internship. This award recognizes a student whose internship makes a meaningful impact on the organization for which he/she works.

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Presented to a student author who undertook a rigorous and highly relevant research project.

Department Service Award

These students have given up their own time to provide service in so many ways to various programs and events. They have also done this enthusiastically, displaying positive leadership throughout the process.

Dixon, Hughes, Goodman Award for Academic Excellence in Accounting

Academic award for Accounting.

Award for Academic Excellence in Management

Academic award for Management.

Dr. Robert D. Williams Award for Outstanding Leadership and Scholarship

Our highest award is named after one of the founders of the Department and Accountancy. Dr. Robert D. Williams earned his doctorate in Chemistry at the University of Utah; he was a prisoner of war during WWII (which he labeled “My Long Course in German”), and retired from Celanese International, where he was director of operations.  He epitomized integrity, academic excellence, and service.

Veteran’s Alliance Award

Conferred upon a current or former officer in UNC Asheville’s Veterans Alliance and has made significant contributions in securing and implementing a grant to fund a safe place for veterans for study and interact with other veterans at the university.