Micheal Stratton, Ph.D.

Chair/AACSB Unit Head & Professor of Management
Ramsey Library 244, CPO 1850


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@MichealStratton / @mgmt_unca

Dr. Stratton joined the UNC Asheville faculty in 2010 and was appointed Department Chair and AACSB Unit Head in 2014. In addition to teaching in the Department and in the Humanities Program (former HUM 414 Coordinator), he is a passionate teacher-scholar with interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of management pedagogy, organizational politics, emotions in the workplace, electronic monitoring, and qualitative methodology. He is a member of the Academy of Management, Society for Human Resource Management, and American Society for Public Administration. Dr. Stratton has also served as the Chair of the UNC Asheville Faculty Senate (2017-current), along with serving on university-wide committees including the recent 2018 Chancellor Search Committee and the Position Allocation Committee (2013-2016). Dr. Stratton also worked alongside other senior faculty to launch the UNC Asheville Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in 2018.

Dr. Stratton is also a senior leader in the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS). He currently serves as President-Elect of MOBTS (2018-2019; President 2019-2022). From 2016-2018, he served as an elected Board Member and he served as OB1 (Vice President) for MOBTS from 2013-2016. As OB1, Dr. Stratton was primarily responsible for advising the President and maintaining the culture of the Society by keeping it consistent with its traditional values and magic of pedagogical innovation and teacher-scholar development. In addition, he chaired the Finance and Awards Committees, along with the Member Engagement, the Peter Frost Mentoring Award, the New Educator Award, the Mid-Career Distinguished Educator Award, and the Bradford Award committees. The mission of MOBTS is to enhance the quality and promote the importance of teaching and learning across the management disciplines with a focus on the dynamics within and at the interface of individuals, groups, organizations, and cultures. Alongside a group of talented group of volunteers, he also coordinated the society's 40th annual MOBTS Conference at UNC Asheville in June 2013. 

He also serves on the Editorial Board (and former Associate Editor) of the Journal of Management Education (JME), one of the top-ranked publications in the scholarship of teaching and learning in the management discipline. Dr. Stratton is also on the Editorial Board for the Organization Management Journal (OMJ), a publication of the Eastern Academy of Management, and serves as a Co-Editor for the Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE) Special Issue on the Rhythms of Academic Life (forthcoming in 2019).


Courses Taught

  • MGMT 230 - Organizational Behavior & Theory
  • MGMT 326 - Managing Human Capital
  • MGMT 423 - Seminar in Public Management and Leadership
  • MGMT 424 - Seminar in Organizational Power and Politics
  • MGMT 481 - Leadership in Organizations
  • MGMT 499 - Undergraduate Research
  • HUM 414 - The Individual in the Contemporary World

Awards and Honors

  • In 2017, Dr. Stratton was honored with the UNC Asheville Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the Department, University, Community, and the fields of management education and organization studies.
  • In 2010, Dr. Stratton received The New Educator Award, which is awarded annually by the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS). He was cited for his creativity in linking emotion and technology to pedagogy, his dedication to student learning, and excellent teaching evaluations. This award recognizes an individual early in her or his career who has demonstrated significant promise for creating new ways of thinking about and practicing management education. 

Select Publications

  • Edelson, S., Arroyo, C., Lo, K., Nelson, T., Stark, G., Stratton, M., van Esch, C. (Forthcoming 2018). From the shadow of overconfidence into the light of humility: Reflections on experiential learning activities gone awry. Journal of Management Education.
  • Clayton, R., Thomas, C., Stratton, M., Garrison, E., Schaffer, B., and Mathews, L. G. (2017). Exercise and Work-Family Conflict: A field experiment. Journal of Managerial Psychology. 32:3, 225-238. **Recipient of the Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award for the Journal of Managerial Psychology in 2018
  • Julien, M., Stratton, M. T., and Clayton, R. (2017). History is not Boring: Using Social Media to Bring Labor History Alive. Management Teaching Review.
  • Clayton, R. Stratton, M. T., Julien, M., and Humphreys, J. (2015). Beverly Matthews. Organization Management Journal. 12:4, 221-234.
  • Julien, M. and Stratton, M. T. (2014). Are you privileged? In C.P. Harvey and M.J. Allard (Eds.), Understanding and Managing Diversity (6th Edition). Pearson Education.
  • Stratton, M. T. Julien, M., and Schaffer, B. (2014). GoAnimate. Journal of Management Education. 38:2, 282-289.
  • Stratton, M. T. and Julien, M. (2014). Xtranormal Learning for Millennials: An Innovative Tool for Group Projects. Journal of Management Education. 38:2, 259-281.
  • Stratton, M. T. (2012). James Michaels (A) & (B). Organization Management Journal. 9:1, 34-48.