Advisory Board Members

Bill Schulz

Advisory Board Chair / Retired Executive

Marcia Ghidina, Ph.D.

Chair & Professor of Anthropology & Sociology; Interim Chair of Management & Accountancy

Ellen Carr

Advisory Board Vice Chair / Weaver C. Barksdale and Associates, Inc.

Hannah Stuit

George Morosani

W. Morosani & Associates

Matt Raker – ENVI ’03

Mountain BizWorks

Taylor Bell – MGMT ’13

Colton Groome & Company

Celeste Collins

OnTrack Financial Education Counseling

Henry Dozier, CMQ/OE

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bill Smith

Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP

Giovanni Figaro, CPA – ACCT ’15

UNC Asheville

Murphy Funkhouser-Capps

Kudzu Brands

Jeff McKeehan

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Eric Michael

Gould Killian

Terry Poling

The Poling Group, Inc.

Issac Rowles

Johnson Price Sprinkle PA

Kathryn Williams

KRW Co-founder

Bolling Farmer

Advisor and Consultant

Heather Nelson

Blue Ridge Public Radio

Amy Jackson

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

John Russler

Hunter Goosmann, MBA

Adjunct Instructor of Management

Susan Clark, Ph.D.

Ex-Officio / Associate Professor of Management

Tim Elgren

Ex-Officio / Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations