Mission, Values, & Student Learning Outcomes


The Department of Management and Accountancy provides undergraduate degree programs of excellence in accounting and management. We develop lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators who understand that learning is a collaborative, reflective process requiring the integration and synthesis of knowledge from many sources in the liberal arts tradition. The faculty support our mission through excellent teaching, scholarly activity, and service to the University, the local community, the State, and their management and accounting professions.  Our students and graduates support our mission through active learning, research, and participation in service to the University, the State of North Carolina, and our local and global communities.

We strive to use our distinctive setting within a public liberal arts university to focus on the human element as part of the decision-making processes in organizations. Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for diversity and inclusion, a strong orientation toward ethics and social responsibility, and an awareness of the importance of globalization as part of management and accounting disciplines. We capitalize on our small size to facilitate collaboration and intellectual interaction among students and faculty, and this active learning enables students to become effective leaders and contributors to both their professional and social environments.

Mission approved and upated September 5, 2017

Values Statement

We, the faculty in the Department of Management and Accountancy, support our mission through excellent teaching, impactful scholarly activity, and engaged service to the University, the local community, the State, and to our management and accounting fields and professions. We espouse the following shared values that underscore our mission statement and strategic planning priorities, along with our stakeholder and accreditor expectations. Please click here to read the most recent version of our Values Statement.

DMA Values Statement updated and approved November 1, 2017

Department Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Click here to review the DMA Assurance of Learning Plan (as of January 2019)

  1. Student apply critical thinking skills for analysis, decision making, and problem solving. 
  2. Students are effective communicators.
  3. Students are able to ethically reason.
  4. Students are competent across disciplines of business.
  5. Students demonstrate knowledge of issues involved in conducting business in a diverse, global environment.